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Financial Policies

Urology Specialists, P.C. will assist you with your insurance coverage and paperwork to the best of our ability if you present your current insurance card or information at the time of service. Without this, you will be entered into our system as self-pay and will be required to pay at the time-of-service (before treatment).

Co-pays/deductibles: All co-pays or deductibles required by your insurance plan are collected at the time of service.

Forms of Acceptable Payment: Urology Specialists, P.C., accepts cash, checks or major credit cards. In the event that a check is returned as non-payable, you may be charged a service fee. If you do not have insurance, or are a self-pay patient, Urology Specialists P.C. is willing to establish a personalized payment schedule if necessary to help you get the care you need. Payment in full is required on the day of the office visit. If a surgical procedure is needed, a deposit of half of the price of the procedure will need to be paid upfront and payment arrangements for the remainder of the balance will need to be made prior to the procedure.

Referrals/prior authorizations: If your insurance carrier requires a referral from your primary care physician, you must present it at the time of service. If you choose to be seen without the appropriate referral documentation, you agree to be responsible for the charges if they are not covered by your insurance carrier. Patients are responsible to complete prior authorizations or pre-certifications as required by their insurance carriers.

For billing inquiries: Please contact our billing specialist Sharon directly at 816-221-6845.