Urology Specialists, P.C. -- Kansas City, MO

Urology Specialists, P.C. is one of only a few practices in the region that utilizes the da VinciTMSurgical System from Intuitive Surgical, Inc.® to perform minimally invasive surgery, resulting in less blood loss, less pain, and a more rapid postoperative recovery. 

An Update on PSA Testing:

On April 9, 2013 the ACP (American College of Physicians) issued a statement discouraging PSA testing in several groups of average-risk men. (See their statement.)  However, the physicians at Urology Specialists, P.C. endorse the stand taken by the AACU (the American Association of Clinical Urologists, Inc.) on encouraging physicians to talk with patients about the benefits of early prostate cancer detection. Please click here to read their position. 

In May 2012 the USPSTF published their final recommendations that PSA testing should no longer be offered to men to allow for the detection and treatment of prostate cancer. In agreement with our colleagues in the American Urological Association, the physicians at Urology Specialists, P.C. feel strongly that when utilized appropriately, this test has been proven to save lives and should continue to be offered to our patients. Please click here to learn more about the controversy and our recommendations about PSA testing.